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Pennstar is making it easy to get access to the capital you need to start your new business or grow your existing one. Pennstar offers programs for businesses that have no revenue and no collateral and funding options for businesses that do. we also have programs for clients with Great credit, bad credit, and no credit.



This programs offers a better option than PPP loans or any other type of loan as well. You only pay on what you use and you have the ability to access this funding over and over again. It can be used for real estate, trucking, ecommerce, beauty supplies, any business in any industry, even if you have not started your business yet. Another great benefit is that you do not make payments as soon as you get funded, unlike loans where as soon as you get funded you start making payments the next month. You can also get credit line increases as well.

Credit Line Hybrid Requirements: (No Income Docs Required)

  • Personal Credit reviewed for pre-approval for Business Credit Cards
  • Personal Credit score on all three bureaus 680+ for you or a credit partner
  • No bankruptcy or collection accounts (within last 7 years)
  • Under 40% utilization on each revolving accounts
  • No more than 4-6 inquiries per bureau in the last 6 months- preferably less
  • No open(unpaid) collections, liens or judgments
  • No late payments in 24 months
  • Seasoned bank card trade lines 2K limit
  • ( Must have minimum of two (2) open revolving account with a year and a half to two years good payment history )
  • 9.9% - 11.99% success rate fee once funding is complete which can be paid with new card
  • 0% interest for 6 to 18 months
  • Soft pull for pre-approval
  • Credit partners can be used if you do not meet the minimum requirements

In order for us to submit you to underwriting for a pre-approval for our Credit Line Hybrid we would require a soft credit pull. Remember a soft pull will have no effect on your credit.


We will need a recent Personal Credit Report - We require a 3rd party (All 3 bureau) credit report from . Identity IQ provides the best credit report available for this program.

***If you have a Credit Freeze or Fraud Alert on your credit profile that will need to be removed for review.

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